Collection: Incense • Resins • Smudge

Incense, Resins & Smudge Sticks

Since ancient times, our ancestors and cultures all over the world burned sacred plants and their resins into smoke to promote healing, and for spiritual work. When inhaled, the scent stimulates our nervous system and moved us into a state of relaxation, evoking a sense of calm and nostalgia as if you have already experienced its magic.

These plants are powerful allies gifted to humanity and should be used mindfully to preserve their medicine. They may help you through difficult life experiences, evoke calm, or bring joy to the times we need it most.

Natural handmade Incense, high quality resins and smudge sticks for your rituals. All are organic by nature, some are made here in house such as our herbal incense and smudge sticks, while others such as the resins are locally sourced and of the highest quality.


Our incense are of the highest quality, made by hand and can take shape in many forms. From hand rolled cones and sticks, to loose herbal blends and even hand mixed resin blends. There is something magickal about incense that has been known for centuries.



Resins are the dried sap from many species of trees. Our offerings or resins are sustainable, and regulated from the countries they come from. The selection is wide and diverse, all are great way for powerful scent, motivations and ritual.


Smudge sticks

Are natural dried herbs and woods usually allowed to smolder and are prized for their smoke to preform their magick. All of our smudge sticks are sustainably harvested and occasionally wild harvested in a very conscious way.