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Farm Fresh Organic Dried Herbs...

 Here at Lizzy Lane farm we grow many but not all of our own organic fresh dried herbs. Our seeds start with heirloom varieties, our farm animals, and kitchen scraps provide the compost needed to keep them growing healthy and happy. Some are wildcrafted and picked from safe areas. Herbs not grown here come from reputable farmers and their quality is unsurpassed in freshness and eco friendly manufacturing.

 All of our fresh dried herbs are the finest quality to be produced, raised organically or wild crafted picked fresh at just the right time. They are dried, cut and, sifted; then while here at Lizzy Lane Farm they are stored in our vast collection of vintage blue Ball Mason jars. Only when you order them are they removed from our cupboards, weighed out, packaged and labeled for shipping to you. I do this because I don’t store my personal herbs in bulk plastic container or bags and I won’t do it to yours.

 Because pure fresh herbs are important to me for you and your family. I do ship in plastic zip top bags to save you money on shipping and feel the few days in plastic out weights the cost of shipping in tin or glass containers. It is my hope that when your fresh dried herbs arrive to you, you will transfer them into your own glass containers and use our removable label to label

 A size to fit your needs…

 While browsing our growing selection of herbs you will notice all are available in 1 ounce packages, for you to try if you haven’t ordered from us before and for those who don’t use large amounts of a particular herb.

 Most but not all are also offered in ½ pound, 1 pound and 5 pound packages. These larger volume packages have a greater discount on the per ounce price than do purchasing single ounce packages. I do this because it uses less packaging and takes less time to package and I can pass that savings on to you.


Dried Wedding & Shower Herbs..

We  ♥ Country Weddings, Bridal & Baby Showers here at the farm!

Nothing for us has more romance and tradition than a country farm style wedding & nothing says country wedding more than dried roses, dried lavender and Mason canning jars!

We have fresh dried loose herbs such as lavender buds and red rose petals and buds for your wedding service, wedding shower, wedding favors and wedding toss and confetti needs. Add in a few custom made favors and mason jars to set the mood.


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