Dried Rose FAQ {How to store and use fresh dried roses}

Dried Rose FAQ


Lizzy Lane Farm is happy and proud to offer our premium fresh dried rose buds and petals that are either organic or wild harvested, the variety is known as Rosa centifolia, as part of our large selection of organic herbs.

Rose know how…

Roses are commonly referred to as rose buds and rose petals. Rose buds are the flower that is dried before the rose has a chance to open and bloom. The petals are from an open rose flower. Both are very common in all sorts of crafting projects, used as wedding tosses, in bath and beauty products, potpourri and dozens of other uses. A very popular dried flower here at the farm.

Our dried roses are always the freshest they can be with a traditional dried rose scent. Dried roses do have a soft scent, not the fresh rose smell we like to think of when we stuff our noses in a fresh rose…very mellow and faint.

Storing dried roses...

To store rose buds I like to use air tight glass containers. Here I love are vintage Mason jars. I love the jars and love working with them every day but any air tight container will work. Keep away from heat, light and moisture and your dried roses will be ready to please for many years to come, should you not use it up first.

About measurements…

Industry standards are that bulk loose roses are sold and bought by weight. Here at Lizzy Lane Farm it’s no different, our loose dried roses are sold by weight NOT by the cup. There is better value for you; you will know what to expect and it makes it easier to compare when shopping around.

An ounce of loose rose buds and petals (any herb) is not the same as when measured by cups. You know the old saying an ounce of feathers and a pound of bricks?

What exactly is a cup anyway? That is the question I always ask myself…A dry measuring cup? - a wet measuring cup?, both hold different amounts yet still called a cup. Is it a U.S measure cup or grandma’s old tea cup or Ma’s old Tupperware cup? Who decides and are the herbs packed in that cup or are they loose? This is why the industry uses the weight standard for sales.

How our dried rose buds & petals measure up…

1 ounce is about (a little less or a little more) 1 U.S. measure dry measuring cup. 1 ounce will mostly fill one of our 3x5 muslin bags.
4oz. = 1/4lb. = 113 grams, will fill a pint canning jar
8oz. = 1/2lb. = 236 grams, will fill a ½ gallon canning jar, a pint size zip top bag.
16oz. = 1lb. = 453 grams, will fill a gallon canning jar, a gallon size zip top bag.

Should you need help estimating how much loose rose buds and petals you need for your project don’t hesitate to ask. I have been working with dried roses for going on 40 years now.

How much do I need?…

Wedding toss- I suggest 2 pounds for 40 guests. About 2 handfuls per person.

Sachets- I recommend filling your sachet a bit more than ¾ full to give your organic roses room to move around and release their scent. A 3”x5” bag will hold 1 oz. of rose petals and buds. In sachets dried roses do not have all that much scent on their own, most times they will need to be infused with a scent.

Heat Pads-I suggest a blend of ¾ buckwheat hulls, ¼ flax seed, and a few Tbl. rose or other herb at most.

Dream Pillows- This is always a personal preference, I love mine to me ¾ full so they can move around and conform, not hard as a brick…