Collection: Botanical Perfume Oils & Sprays

Botanical perfume oils and sprays

Our botanical perfume oils are created from organic botanicals infused into a base of organic coconut oil. This takes weeks to infuse, the botanicals are replaced with new and infused for a few more weeks. The entire process can take up to 3 months before they are ready to become offered in our shop.

The scents are uniquely ours as they are formulated here in our Summer Kitchen. They are not mass-produced fragrances diluted with oils. Our perfume oils have a distinct character that develops over time with your unique body chemistry. Try layering several of our scents together, creating your very own signature scent.

All our perfume oils will come tucked in a cute sachet bag that holds dried flowers, and other botanicals. Use these to make your own potpourri, share with others, or burn on charcoal as an incense or for smudging. Or enjoy with a few added drops of your perfume oil to further scent them and enjoy as a sachet. Also tucked into the sachet bag is a mini postcard to use for notes, journals, or to share. Your beautiful sachet is then tucked into a gift box for safe travels and gift-giving. Even if the perfume oil is for you!

Dry Oil Sprays

Dry oil sprays are non-greasy, skin-loving organic oils infused with Calendula. We then blend with organic plant oils, resins, and hydrosols. Perfect after a bath or shower or use as a hair conditioner to control the frizzies and add moisture to your hair.