Herbal Sachets & Potpourri

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Our collection of herbal sachets. Different herbs for different reasons. Farm fresh organic dried herbs in our premixed potpourri for making your own sachets.

✿Organza Sachets-

are perfect for adding natural fragrance to tiny spaces, as party favors and gifts. Available is several colors and herb combinations.

✿Lavender Dryer Sachets-

Add a bit of natural static control and fragrance to your laundry. Pure fresh dried lavender in organic muslin bags.

✿Facial Steam Sachets-

A collection of fresh dried organic herbs to help with your natural skin care.

✿Moth Repellant Sachets-

A blending of herbs known to repel moths, add to where they like to hang out, in the closets, storage bags, chests.

✿Dream Pillow Sachets-

Perfectly blended herbs to aid in a good night sleep. Helpful for all members of the family.