Meet the family

Hello and welcome to our home, Lizzy Lane Farm,

 Our goal is to provide you with top quality products, usable information and the inspiration for your family and home to help you live your simple, natural life.

From our family to yours….

Our natural and organic products are all made right here in our farmhouse summer kitchen. City folk would want to call it a studio, but our summer kitchen is more than that, it’s a place where we work, share ideas and a good picnic every now and then. It’s a place where the children have their own area to work and play, while the adults get some of our own work done. A place where the environment is calm, ideas & people can grow and be themselves. If not in the house this is where you will most likely find us spending family time.

Our hope is to provide you with the materials you need to craft your own natural and organic products your family needs, and if you don’t have the time we have done the hard part for you and they are ready to ship for you to enjoy, and share.

sorting the eggs

Who we are and want to become…

My name is Karyn and I’m a Mother, Wife and Grandmother. As a child I worked side by side with my Grandmother & Mother in the family gardens, becoming friends with each and every variety. Helped with the cooking, canning, sewing and caring for my younger sisters.

Over the years being self sufficient and self-reliant were daily events and today this continues here at the farm, but is becoming lost bits of knowledge in today’s world.

 I still grown our own organic vegetables & meats and can up about 600 jars for our winter pantry. Our meals are made from natural ingredients and nothing would ever come from a box.

chicks need love too


Chuck grew up along side his father in the woods, hunting and fishing, this is where you will still find him today most of his free time. He has a large loving family that still get together often.


chuck at home in the woods

Mark, Brett, Daisy & Shaye are learning these traditions and values with their responsibilities on the farm. They care for the animals, do repairs and any other task asked of them.


part of the spring garden


Our generation is a dynamic, energetic, discerning and passionate team. If it’s not good enough for our family it’s not going to be offered to you and your family. Our family farm & on line store, Lizzy Lane Farm, continues this legacy & offers you the same commitment to family, friends, community instilled in us at an early age.

 Our working farm now includes Sage and Joby Jingles- registered Haflinger horses, heritage breed Narragenset turkeys (one is a pet named Bubbles), heritage breed Delaware, Golden Comet and Black Java chickens (Fire Cracker is our rooster), adopted chickens, happy, comical ducks named Lucky & Ducky, barn kitties and the official farm greeter, a lazy, over privileged and much loved beagle named Dalton Walton.

All our images on this site are the works of our family. We don't use stock photos. A passion all of us enjoy.


So who was Lizzy Lane...

Lizzy Lane was a descendant of one of the original families to found our hometown back in the 1700’s. In her time the farm was prosperous with many vegetable, herb, fruit, flower gardens. She was a woman ahead of her time with a dedication to the natural methods of farming, cooking, and living becoming popular today, she loved and cared for her family, friends and community. It was not uncommon for any one to be walking by to be offered a pear from one of her well-loved pear trees.

gifts from our farm


What we offer…

These days you will find organic and wild crafted herbs and spices; fresh and ready for your own herbal creations. These are the same herbs we use in our finished products we offer to you. Some but not all are grown and harvested here on the farm.

hanging lids for mason jars

Our  organic and natural soap & salves are made right here in our farmhouse summer kitchen. They are designed to love your skin while being practical, use natural ingredients and be affordable.

Our organic soaps are crafted with only organic oils, butters and herbs-you won’t find fragrance oils in our organic line of soap. Our nearly natural selections are the same organic ingredients but use high quality skin safe fragrance oils. Some fragrances just can’t be reproduced and this is where fragrance oils help out. Most are colorant free large farm house style bars.

cute flower soap

Our salves also include organic herbs and oils carefully blended with thought to aid with minor skin troubles.

New to our line are our natural botanical Bath Salts, botanical dusting or body powder, pure essential oils,  botanical roll-on perfume and many other pure and natural items for you to enjoy.

our lavender sachets


Dusting powder is some times called body or bath powder and our selection is all organic no matter the blend. Our herbal blends incorporate finely ground herbs and pure plant oils while the fragrance selections are just fragrance oils without botanicals added. Available in several nice containers, all powders are silky soft and fragrant.

We are adding many supplies to assist you in your simple living life style such as tea supplies, glass & metal containers, and storage bags.

from our garden

Please have a look around and enjoy your visit to Lizzy Lane Farm. Amongst our pages you will find snap shots in time of our simple life here on the farm. For a longer visit and more information visit our summer kitchen blog and our farm blog.


Our Mission….

  • To always put & support family, friends, church and community first.
  • Provide a happy homey work environment.
  • Treat all we meet with respect, honesty & and like family.
  • Honor our Mother Earth
  • Offer only top quality products handmade in small batches with quality ingredients.

infusing yarrow

 Love Mother Earth….

  • We have a deep love and commitment to our Mother Earth, she cares for us and it is our duty to care for her.
  • Our packaging is 100% post consumer content and can be reused, composted or recycled.
  • When possible we do not use plastic packaging. Glass, tin, cello are always our first choice.
  • We will buy back any of OUR glass packaging. If you are local we will credit you for your next purchase. Shipping back glass containers is not economical or earth friendly because it uses a lot of resources to do so. We hope if you are not local to us you will reuse your quality containers, pass them on or recycle them. Our Ball Mason jars are perfect for storing more than what came in it.
  • We try to source all our packaging, supplies & ingredients from companies here in the US as local to us as possible. These companies must have the same values as we do.
  • We reuse packing materials when appropriate and available.
  • Our ingredients are always organic & fair trade when available and always quality natural ingredients without unnecessary chemicals. We gladly pay the extra for this because quality is top priority.

essential oils