mini abalone shells
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mini abalone shell
mini abalone shell
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Mini Abalone Shells | Charm Bags | Protection & Emotional Balance | Mini Abalone Herb Scoop

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Mini Abalone Shells

A lucky charm for powerful protection magic...

Abalone has been adored for centuries both for its beauty and for its healing magic. Often the larger Abalone shells are used for smudging vessels and on Alters. This tiny variety is just as useful as a charm and even for a scoop for your herbs and resins when burning them.

Abalone shell lore comes from its connection to the ocean and its healing, calming energy. When you find a small tumbled piece of Abalone shell you’ll see that it’s impossible to be upset about anything. Whenever you need security or protection, hold tight to this shell and imagine a wave of peace, love, beauty, and compassion to wash over you like a wave from the ocean.


How to use Abalone Shells

Abalone enhances feelings of peace, beauty, compassion, love, and protection.
Soothes the nerves as it is very calming.
Gently opens our psychic and intuitive nature.
Gives guidance in relationships.
Provides harmony and balance.


This perfectly sized charm bag contains 4 mini Abalone Shells. All are between 2"-3" in length.