Collection: Wedding Flower Toss, Wedding and Shower Favors. Flower Sachets

Wedding Flower Toss

A beautiful collection of biodegradable dried flower confetti-an eco friendly choice for outdoor weddings. Our wedding toss makes wedding exits fun and stunning photos! Pick from our colorful collection or let us create one for you.

||: Wedding Toss :||

We like to suggest just a handful (1/4 cup) for each guest if it is to be packaged or placed in paper cones. For loose in a bowl, plan on a bit more (1/2 cup-1 cup). Our Wedding Toss will arrive to you in bulk, loose packaged in a pretty bag or box, depending on the amount you order. These blends DO NOT have added fragrance unless you ask for it. 

||: Sachets :||

Sachet bags are pre filled for you and stuffed full!

You choose if you want added frgagrance or not. Our herbs are infused with a highly concentrated blend of pure essential oils or fragrance oils-depending on the scent you choose. If you are using the sachets as a prebagged wedding toss, you probably don't want the added scent. Your guests will not want the scent on their hands. If you are using them a party favors--ADD THE FRAGRANCE!! :) 

They will come nicely packaged in a pretty bag or box depending on the amount you order. 

~~ All of our sachets can be customized for your event. ~~


No need to wait on your order if you are worried about freshness. Our inventory is such that it is restocked twice a month, be sure it is the freshest available. Directly shipped from US small cottage farms...

Please let me know your ceremony or party date so I can add your order to our shipping schedule.

. Orders due before 2 weeks will require Rush processing and Express Shipping...Please select Express Shipping at check out. If not I will have to contact you, for additional shipping fees and this will slow down your order.

. Orders due within 1 month will ship promptly otherwise your order will ship around 3 weeks before your ceremony or shower date.