Dried Flower Wedding Toss & Shower Gift Ideas

Herbs & Ideas for Weddings and Showers




  We LOVE Country Weddings, Bridal & Baby Showers here at the farm!

Nothing for us has more romance and tradition than a country farm style wedding & nothing says country wedding more than dried roses, dried lavender and Mason canning jars!

We have fresh dried loose herbs such as lavender buds and red rose petals and buds for your wedding service, wedding shower, wedding favors and wedding toss and confetti needs. Add in a few custom made favors and mason jars to set the mood.

A few suggestions and hints:

  • I like to suggest about 2 handfuls of herbal wedding toss confetti per guest. For 40 guests you will need about 2 pounds (approx. 16 cups) of mixed and scented herbs.
  • A 3x5” bag will loosely hold ¾ cup of herbal potpourri.
  •  I always suggest ordering 1 pound more than you think you will need, you can always find a use for the left over herbs.
  • To scent your herbs add your herbs to plastic or paper bag large enough to hold them and place a few drops at a time onto your herbs, toss and continue to add scent until the level you like is reached. Allow herbs to sit for several days to infuse your scents used before dividing into individual portions.
  • I like to suggest up to 25 extra sachets for guests who want to bring an extra home or for guests who couldn't make the event. It's thoughtful and a basket or container can be used as additional decoration on your table.


    Beautiful fresh dried herbs make the perfect wedding toss and floral confetti

    These are beautiful to give to your flower girls in place of just rose buds. Step away from the traditional dried rice or bird seed and add to the theme of your wedding, add scent and color with herbal blends of flower confetti and wedding toss. Enjoy! and experiment with our free wedding toss recipes.
    Lizzy Lane Farm Lavender Rose Wedding Toss Confetti
    12 cups (8 ounces) Red Rose Buds and Petals
    5 cups (4 ounces) German Chamomile
    4 cups (4 ounces) Lavender buds 
    Lizzy Lane Farm Herbal “Can you Smell it!” Wedding Toss Confetti
    12 cups (8 ounces) Red Rose Buds and Petals
    5 cups (4 ounces) German Chamomile
    4 cups (4 ounces) Lavender buds
    4 cups (4 ounces) fresh dried Peppermint Leaf
    4 Cups (4 ounces) fresh dried Lemon balm
    4 Cups (4 ounces) fresh dried Rosemary Leaf
    This blend is romantic smells fantastic and is very colorful.

    Lizzy Lane Farm Sunny Day Wedding Toss Confetti
    20 cups (16 ounces) Calendula Petals
    20 cups (16 ounces) German Chamomile Flowers
    4 cups (4 ounces) Lemon balm
    4 cups (4 ounces) Lavender buds
    Bright and sunny, perfect for the summer country side wedding!

    Directions for all of our Wedding Toss recipes: Mix all together and place into small paper bags, paper cups or cones to give to your wedding guests as an alternative to rice or bird seed. I have bundled these in lace and tied with a ribbon and stored in a large wicker basket, very pretty, very Eco friendly and a perfect blend for farm style and country weddings.

    Country Style Wedding and Shower Favors…
    Any of our above Wedding Toss recipes will work wonderful for this. Add to it your favorite essential oil or fragrance a few drops at a time until the scent is just right. Place into your favorite favor bags, muslin cloth bags or organza bags.
    Macaroon soap gift wrapped
    How about natural soap, herbal sachets, botanical perfume oils or herbal tea as shower and wedding favors? We have several sizes, styles and scents to choose from. We are always happy to custom make a label for you to match your wedding or shower theme and colors.
    Fragrant lavender buds make perfect sachets. organza fabric really shows off the color, texture and scent
    Mason jar soap dispensers for a hostes gift

    And the Wedding Mason Jars!...
    Custom made one at a time we have the Mason jars you need for your  country wedding! So many styles, colors and sizes to choose from, where to begin?

    Mason jars are perfect for adding a country feel and charm to your farm style wedding or shower events. Here at Lizzy Lane Farm we carry genuine Ball brand Mason jars in every style, shape and size they offer. All can be transformed into the perfect accents for your event.
    A handmade mason jar luminary to add charm to your wedding event
    Mason Jar Luminaries are popular to hang or sit on a table, light the ground, hang from trees, fences and bushes. Usually sand, small stones and pebbles, or even rice is placed in the bottoms of the jars then a tea light is lit and set in the jars.
    hanging mason jar flower vases with flower frogs for a country inspired outdoor wedding or bridal shower
    Mason Jar Flower vases to hang or sit on a table, with or without a metal flower frog. To decorate the church pews, trees, bushes, line a walk way, for the wedding attendants to carry their fresh flowers. A group of them make a wonderful table center piece, and even as the drinking glasses! The possibilities are only limited to what you can dream.

    Mason Jar Soap and Lotion Dispensers… Mason jar soap dispensers are very popular for weddings and showers these days! Add to the bathrooms full of your favorite liquid soap scented to match your wedding theme, give to your wedding party and their partners as gifts, perfect Mother’s and Mother in law gifts.

    How about a special gift for the florist, pianist or caterer who when above and beyond your dreams to make your day special?

    A vintage plate as part of the party favor display holds guest sized hand made soap. All wrapped to match the theme of the bridal shower.

    Table Center Pieces...
    Our custom made to order soap cakes make a perfect combination table center piece and party favor. Full size cakes made of natural soap. Each is custom made to your order and all are beautiful. Leave the cake whole during the event and then let your guests slice a piece of the cake to take home and enjoy in there shower or kitchen sink.
       a full 4 pound loaf of soap decorated for fall for guests to slice their own spiced soap bar, wrap themselves and take home