Collection: Intention-Ritual Oils


Intention Oils

It doesn't matter if you call them ritual oils, magic oils, or anointing oils the intention behind them is the same. Intention oils are divine oils that are energetically charged with intention. Using plants, crystals, and the moon cycles to create massive magic.

These oils hold the energies of the ingredients it contains. The plants, oils, stones, and resins are what hold the oil’s intent. You could also refer to the energy of the ingredients as the soul and spirit of the plants, stones, and oils, these spirits help you to tap into your specific intentions.

All our perfume oils will come tucked in a cute sachet bag that holds dried flowers, and other botanicals. Use these to make your own potpourri, share with others, or burn on charcoal as an incense or for smudging. Or enjoy with a few added drops of your perfume oil to further scent them and enjoy as a sachet. Also tucked into the sachet bag is a mini postcard to use for notes, journals, or to share. Your beautiful sachet is then tucked into a gift box for safe travels and gift-giving. Even if the perfume oil is for you!


There are so many ways to use intention oils:

Using intention oils with a candle:

Rub oil onto a candle while visualizing what it is you intend. Your candle can be inscribed with name, intention & symbol. Rub 3 drops of oil onto the candle while stating your intention out loud. Light your candle and spend time visualizing, focusing, meditating on your intention while the candle burns. (Do not leave a candle burning unattended).

Intention oils worn as a perfume or cologne:

Apply 1-2 drops on pulse points, behind ears. Oil can be rubbed into hair. Add a few drops to lotion, shampoo, soaps that you regularly use. Do a small skin test first. Do not use this method if pregnant or nursing. Do not use if you have allergies to products containing herbs or essential oils. Everyone has their own body chemistry and this will personalize the oils further for your unique scent.


Intention oils in the bath:

A few drops of oil can be added to your bath for ritual bathing, intention bath,  or cleansings. Use a few drops as a moisturizer after a bath for your body and hair.

Intention oils in your spaces:

Intention oil can be added to water to make a wash for doors, floors, and walls. Place a few drops of intention oil onto a cotton ball or cloth and place in personal spaces, in-vehicles. Rub onto photos, crystals, jewelry, talismans, amulets, or other personal belongings of yours. Even on items of a person that is the focus of your intention. Use on altar tools, tools being used in spell casting, personal working, or in meditation.