Collection: Healing Oils, Salves & Bath Salts

Our Collection of Healing Oils, Salves & Bath Salts

They all start with organic freshly dried botanicals, nourishing fruit, and nut oils. We like to use our own grown herbs straight from our gardens when possible. We use a solar infusing method for 6 watchful weeks. Our herbs are changed for fresh at 3 weeks making our herbal oils doubly effective. 

Healing Oils

Are plain unscented herbal power-houses for their intended use. Bottled in pretty blue shaded bottles with a dropper cap and are child-resistant. These are wonderful for fast absorption on your skin. They can be incorporated into many other first-aid & beauty applications.


Healing Salves

Healing Salves are the same powerful healing oils. We add additional essential oils, other herbal infused oils, and thickened a bit with beeswax, bayberry, and other waxes. These usually are packaged in tins and on a limited basis, decorative glass bottles.


Herbal Bath Salts

Herbal bath salts are natural salts ethically harvested from around the world, blended with essential oils and dried herbs. They smell heavenly! Bath salts are packaged in glass containers that are reusable.