Collection: Organic Lavender Buds-Bulk, Loose Fresh Dried French Lavender

Offering three grades of Pure Organic Lavender Buds...

||: Premium Ultra Blue Culinary Lavender :||

Ultra blue and ultra-special Lavender! Our top quality French Lavender buds, this grade has the bluest coloring, the finest taste and is preferred for culinary and crafting when taste and color really matter, large well-formed buds, little to no dust and a beautiful blue color. This is the blue French Lavender we use in all our herbal tea blends.


||: Premium Food Grade Culinary Lavender :||

Our top quality premium grade is just that, a variety that is brilliant purple with the traditional scents of Lavender we all know and love. This is the Lavender sought after by cooks worldwide. Having a light pleasant taste that mellows when cooked, once you have tried anything cooked with lavender you will appreciate it and grab at the opportunity to have some every time it is offered to you.

This is the premium lavender we use here at the farm in our organic herbal creations. You can find it in our Lavender Dryer Sachets, Herbal Sachets, Botanical Perfume Oils, Natural Salves, and Oils.

||: Craft Grade Lavender Buds :||

A lighter purple/blue/grey in color and has a pleasant green/piney scent and flavor. This is the lavender most offered in craft stores and found in most items crafted with lavender such as potpourri, bath teas and dream pillows.