To the lovers of wildflowers, winding forest paths, and simple living,

I handcrafted this brand to be specifically for you! To help with your everyday life. My products are made to help while planting your garden, to running errands or cuddling in for the night after a hard day of work.

With offerings that are both minimalistic and cottage core-inspired, you will be sure to find something here that sparks joy for you!

With Love, Karyn

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Today's Blend

A free sample with each order...

Each morning when I start work for the day in the Summer Kitchen workshop the first thing I do is blend a large batch of potpourri. I never know how it will turn out or what will be included or even the scent until I start opening those gorgeous jars of herbs, flowers and seeds. It sets the mood of the workshop for the day and fills the air with fragrant joy.

I like to include a sample sized bag with each order going out. Most days it doesn't last long to include with all orders. You may want to add this surprise mix to your order.

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