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artisan soap, novelty soap, guest soap
? Vegan
? Palm & Soy free
? Fair Trade Shea butter
? Sulfate, GMO, gluten & paraben free
? Biodegradable
? 100% vegetable soap
? 3-8 oz. each depending on the style
? Wrapped and ready for gift giving

✿? {We have decided to go Palm Free!... } ✿?
We have always used organic & GMO free ingredients and always working to make a good thing better. Some ingredients are linked to major environmental & social issues such as deforestation, habitat destruction, climate change, pollution, animal cruelty, and indigenous rights abuses. The forests are being cleared for the development of oil palm plantations. The World Wildlife Fund reports, an area the size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared each hour to make way for palm oil production. This enormous deforestation is pushing many species to the brink of extinction and contributing to environmental damage. These heart breaking consequences are the reasons we are eliminating the use of palm oil and its byproducts in our products. 

✿? {Custom Blended & Handmade in our Summer Kitchen} ✿?
Our bar soap is a proprietary blending of natural fruit butters and oils that are truly beneficial for all skin types. The huge highly scented bubbles will leave your skin soft and moisturized. Our colors are from natural pigments, micas, clays and plant materials.

Coconut oil, safflower oil, shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, argan oil, glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, propylene glycol (made from vegetable glycerin), oat protein, pigments, essential oils, fragrance oils,

?✿ {Custom Blended Scents} ✿?
Our scent blends cannot be found anywhere else—Ours are expertly blended from plant resins and oils, premium fragrance oils right here in our Summer Kitchen. We never use mass produced fragrance oils.