Collection: Mason Jar Collection

Lizzy Lane Farm’s Mason Jar Collection is a growing assortment of both vintage and new Mason jars artfully crafted into new works of art, hand made one at a time so each is as unique as you and your home.

Vintage Mason Jars…

Offering true vintage blue Ball Perfect Mason jars transformed for your home, wedding event, parties, showers and gift giving or collecting.

We are able to offer both the pint and quart sizes, our jars are vintage 100 years old or so. All show their age very well, they may have minor scratches, bubbles, not be perfectly round and the jar rims may have small nicks or be roughly ground. Rest assured all are the finest quality to be found for such an old and utilitarian item well loved for generations.

Modern Mason Jars… 

Features new mason jars in many shapes and sizes transformed one at a time. There is one you are sure to love for your home, gift giving and collecting.

We are offering pint, pint and a half, quart and every size and style available in between including the much loved Ball Elite Collection and the limited edition Ball Heritage Edition jars.

New to us, straight from England are the Kilner  antique styled and Kilner smooth preserve jars, and a few other surprises too.

Reproduction Mason Jars…

We are also working with and enjoying some of the best quality reproduction jars I have seen. Trust me I have been collecting canning jars most of my life and these are nice.

Why reproduction you ask? To offer a reminder of history, beauty and rarity of costly jars (seldom seen) bringing them back into everyday use for all to enjoy, not just the lucky few to find an original jar. Because not always can I bring myself to alter such rare and costly jars to add to our home decor. You will find the beautiful hero's cross and traditional Hoosier jars.