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Lavender Herbal Crystal Salts | Floor Wash | Laundry

Lavender Herbal Crystal Salts | Floor Wash | Laundry

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Lavender Herbal Crystal Salts

Our most popular herbal crystal salt blend, who doesn't love lavender...

Lavender Herbal Crystal Salts for Bath, Laundry and Floor Wash are made with a blend of Earth & Sea salts, essential oils, natural based oil, botanicals, roots and/or resins.

The Scent

An exceptional blending of Provincial, Bulgarian & Spanish lavender-floral, sweet herbal notes, with balsamic undertones. Topped with premium dried lavender buds.


This unique blend features 3 lavender oils and freshly dried lavender buds.
  •  All organic ingredients
  •  Ethically harvested salts and herbs
  •  Vegan friendly
  •  GMO, colorant, and baking soda free
  •  Pure Lavender essential plant oils (no synthetic fragrances)
  •  Eco-friendly packaging – can be reused, re-gifted, or recycled
  •  A trendy and ever-popular Ball jar or a sleek, cork-topped glass tube safely stores your bath salts
  •  A safe combination for sensitive skin, children & the elderly


  • 2-ounce sample bag for a small soak or foot bath
  • 3-ounce glass cork top tubes are perfect for 1-2 uses
  • 7.5-ounces in a mason jar is perfect for 6-8 uses. Comes with a reusable muslin drawstring bag.

Ways to use bath salts

From the mason jar:
Fill the muslin bag with the desired amount of Lavender herbal crystal salts and tie it to your tub faucet while it fills, or just let it float in the water. Letting the water dissolve the contents. This will save you the clean-up of the herbs.  If you enjoy the herbs floating in the water, sprinkle the contents into the running water. You can also use the steeped pouch as a mild exfoliant during your bath.
From the glass tube:
Add 1/2 of the glass tube to your bath water before a ritual to reverse negatives and bring about the intentions you require.
As a floor wash; Dissolve 1/4-1/2 of the glass tube into warm water and wash floors to bring calm and serenity to your home.
As a laundry aid; Sprinkle 1/4 of the glass tube into the bottom of the washer before adding clothes, wash as usual to bring calm and serenity.


The essential oil contained in these herbal crystal salts may leave the tub a bit slippery. Usually, this won't happen with the volume of water being used in an ordinary tub. But something to be aware of.
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