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Black Forest Herbal Bath Salts

Black Forest Herbal Bath Salts

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An old favorite, green, slightly dark, and sweet...

Black Forest Herbal Bath Salts

Black Forest is the familiar scent of dark patchouli tangling with blood orange, dried musky roses, fruit seed, and clove buds add their own touches to this delightful combination.


You know the feelings, scents, and sights of finding a darker hidden spot along the forest trail. It's familiar and mysterious you have to explore it more. This Black Forest herbal bath salt is like that. You know the patchouli yet can't quite decide what else...  It's dark, a bit sweet with touches of musk and spice.



  • 1-ounce sample bag for a small soak or foot bath
  • 3-ounce glass cork top tubes are perfect for 1-2 uses
  • 7.5-ounces in a mason jar are perfect for 6-8 uses. Comes with a reusable muslin drawstring bag.


    Ways to use Black Forest Bath Salts

    From the mason jar:
    Fill the muslin bag with the desired amount of Lavender herbal bath salts and tie it to your tub faucet while it fills, or just let it float in the water. Letting the water dissolve the contents. This will save you the clean-up of the herbs.  If you enjoy the herbs floating on the water, sprinkle contents into the running water. You can also use the steeped pouch as a mild exfoliant during your bath.

    From the glass tube:
    Sprinkle directly into the bathwater.


    The essential oil contained in these bath salts may leave the tub a bit slippery. Usually, this won't happen with the volume of water being used in an ordinary tub. But something to be aware of.
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