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Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary

Yearnings Yule Bottle- For Blessing, Prosperity & Protection | Christmas, Solstice Decor | Build your own

Yearnings Yule Bottle- For Blessing, Prosperity & Protection | Christmas, Solstice Decor | Build your own

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A personal yule celebration, designed by YOU!

Yule bottles and ornaments have been around for centuries and are created to protect and bring happiness and health to your home in the new year. These bottles are filled with flowers and herbs to bring a prosperous new year and bountiful spring. Yule brings the cold winter and darker days, while each day brings us closer to the return of the Sun King.

These tiny recycled glass apothecary bottles are just the right size to design your own Yule bottle to celebrate the season in your own way. Add to your work space, alter, or other seasonal spaces. Fill and design to your heart's tune with seasonal heavenly smelling herbs.

 You will receive a recycled glass apothecary jar (3' tall x 2.25" in diameter) with cover and at least 8 bags of seasonal Yule herbs, all labeled with vintage labels. All herbs are organic and food quality so you could even cook with them to further your celebration if you want to. Some may not be edible such as evergreens, acorns and cones.

A wonderful any time tradition is to write an intention on a bay leaf. Burn the bay leaf in a candle flame allowing the fire to ignite your intention and send it into the universe on the wings of the smoke. Hold hold that thought for as long as feels necessary, then offer up thanks and snuff out the flame.

From there it's all up to you what you would like to create! They smell divine! There will be plenty for extras you can blend to simmer on the stove, add to a sachet, or gift to a friend. Some of the herbs include (depending on availability) balsam needles, pine needles, juniper berries, star anise, bay, rose, lavender, jasmine, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, greenery, nuts, cones... Of course to add your own items will make it all that more special.

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