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Frau Holle: Snow Lady Intention Oil and Herbal Sachet

Frau Holle: Snow Lady Intention Oil and Herbal Sachet

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Frau Holle: Snow Lady Intention Oil

For a little snow magic, celebrating spiritual renewal & home...

The Scent

(ripe blackberry, firs, juniper berries, deep vanilla, resins

Herbs include white flowers and seasonal flora)

Frau Holle is a beautiful and inspiring blend of juicy sun-ripened blackberries, earthy balsam fir, transforming a bit as the juniper and warm vanilla emerge. Infusing in the magical oil are white herbs to remind us of snow and the color white of the winter season.



Frau Holle is also known as Frau Holda. She is associated with fertility and rebirth. She is a goddess of hearth and home, women's crafts such as weaving and spinning, spiritual renewal. Of the feminine spirit of Earth and land itself; the woods and plants. Her feast day is celebrated on December 25.

The Brothers Grimm, tell of a story of a girl falling down a well and meeting Frau Holle. How the girl helped Frau Holler with her housework. Every time the girl shook out the pillows, snow would fall back in her realm. To this day in Hessen and areas close by whenever it snows they say that Frau Holle is making her bed.

This intention oil is inspired by these traditions, wear this oil when seeking Frau Holle. When you are seeking assistance in divination, and needing spiritual guidance or renewal. For help letting go of old habits to make room for new beginnings, to honor the balance of life and death, discover faith, for a creative boost, to draw on ancient powers.



Frau Holly Intention Oil is vegan & organic. Comes in an 8 dram (14ml) glass bottle, your choice of glass rod applicator, or a roll-on. The sample size is 1ml.

Cutely packaged in a seasonal bag stuffed with several botanicals associated with the winter season. Some of the more well know allies within are pines, berries, bay, and flower buds.  Use these to make simmering potpourri, share with others, or add to your decor and spaces. Also included a product tag, and an oh' so cute mini inspirational postcard- an additional reminder and way to celebrate. Use to write personal intentions, use as a gift card, or add to your decor and even personal journals.


Ways to use Intention Oil

Some great ways to use this Intention Oil are a dab on your inner wrist, behind your ears, in the crease of your elbows and knees. A drop or two onto a candle, in your bath, shampoos, oil burners, dabbed onto a small cloth and tucked into your pocket and dresser drawers.




Lizzy Lane Farm's Intention Oils are NOT intended for consumption. Skin test all products before using. Do not use it if redness or irritation occurs. Keep all intention oils away from eyes, mucous membranes, children, and pets. If irritation does occur then wash with soap and water to clean the affected area.

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