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Lizzy Lane Farm

Personal Perfume Oil- warm weather collection- organic roll on perfume oil

Personal Perfume Oil- warm weather collection- organic roll on perfume oil

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Perfect to wear alone or layer with your other favorite roll-on scents...

Personal Perfume Oil Warm Weather Collection


N H Lilac- the timeless sweet and delicate scent of fresh lilacs. Here in NH in late spring the roadside, barnyards, and old foundations are alive with the sweet intoxicating scent of these petite flowers. Enjoy them while you can because they don't last long.

Baby Lettuce- Fresh, clean, and very green with soft ozone notes.

Basil- Fresh rubbed Tunisian basil blended with blood orange, Italian bergamot, and Sicilian lemon oils; touches of Damascena rose, clove bud, and ylang-ylang; and deep notes of mahogany, teak & musk.

Carrot- An exotic spicy and sassy blend! Rich spices of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, cedar, & amber with touches of teak wood & oak.

Cucumber- Our blend of garden cucumbers and freshly-cut spearmint & cool peppermint leaves, ripe banana, & juicy clementine; added florals of African violets, cyclamen blossoms, & madonna lily.

Dandelion Wildflower- the scent is fresh and clean! A clean fresh slightly bitter scent of dandelion and fresh wildflowers brightened with tart pear, fresh green tea leaves, and cooling aloe. Inspired by our untamed backfields where mostly only the wild ones go.

Gardenia- Sweet Gardenia flowers. True sweet Gardenia we know and love. An old-time favorite for a very good reason.

Radish- A rich and sultry fragrance with touches of amber, tobacco, & sweet vanilla.

Red Clover- Bright & very green! This delightful scent starts with full purple clover blossoms sweet & lively touches of fresh-cut grass, drops of ozone, sweet wisteria then balanced with dark green moss & wafts of fresh-turned earth.

Sage Nosegay- (Nosegay; a collection (small bouquet’) of sprigs of flowers and herbs.) Ours is a melody of basil leaf, clary sage, cool peppermint, citrus zest, meadow flowers & a touch of musk. An energizing herbal scent.

Ice Cold Lemonade- Loads of tart lemons with sugar, a refreshing scent that will quench your thirst just by inhaling it.

Sit-A-Spell- Is inspired by my lovely Step, Mom a true Southern girl from the heart of Georgia. I remember well visiting Aunt Nan's home and she would always say let's have some tea and sit a spell...

Lily of the Valley- a delicate, white-green floral of spring. Soft and sheer as fine linen. A traditional romantic and popular scent.

Summer Sheets- heavily scented, a fresh Laundry smell of clean sun-dried sheets dried on the line from a warm summer day…

Talk to Me- Snuggle down with your sweetie...
Dried smoked lemon zest steeping in fresh ice-cold lemonade with drizzled liquid raw sugar...

Tomato- Our very own unique fragrance composition of sweet green tomato leaves, cilantro, galbanum, jasmine, fresh peaches, apricots, and green undergrowth.

Red Currant Jam- unique, powerful you will enjoy an intoxicating tart berry scent with hints of rose. A vibrant blend that will charm and excite. Inspired by a day-long trip of wandering through the woods, fields, and back places picking berries then a long night transforming them into sparkling jars of jam... Something we love to do every few years.

Cutting Garden- The cutting garden is the backbone of the garden for many. We have taken the scents from our favorites but the main delight is the fresh-cut pink Carnations, lively with a bit of spice.

Parma Violet-Soft, sweet and floral- a traditional Victorian perfume.


This personal perfume oil is a custom blending of fragrance oils blended into Calendula infused Coconut Oil.

All ingredients are skin safe and are blended in small batches and shipped to you in glass roll-on bottles or our cute little sample-sized vials.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil & blended premium fragrance oils.


Our personal perfume oil is vegan, & organic. It comes in an 8 dram (14ml) glass bottle, with a roll-on applicator. The sample size is 1 ml.


Ways to use botanical perfume oil

Some great ways to use this perfume oil are a dab on your inner wrist, behind your ears, in the crease of your elbows and knees. A drop or two onto a candle with adult supervision, in your bath, shampoos, oil burners, dabbed onto a small cloth and tucked into your pocket and dresser drawers.


Lizzy Lane Farm's Personal Perfume Oils are NOT intended for consumption. Skin test all products before using. Do not use it if redness or irritation occurs. Keep all perfume oils away from eyes, mucous membranes, children, and pets. If irritation does occur then wash with soap and water to clean the affected area.

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