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Lizzy Lane Farm

Personal Perfume Oil- Fall/Winter Farmer's Market Choice

Personal Perfume Oil- Fall/Winter Farmer's Market Choice

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🍃 🌼 🍃 Organic Farm Fresh Personal Perfume Oil 🍃 🌼 🍃

Blending the bounty & scents of the kitchen garden into useful items inspired by a simpler time…

It used to be most families had a garden just outside their kitchen & a pantry full of their harvest; others had groceries delivered or went “to the market”. Our Market Collection is inspired by these days gone by bringing the scents of the harvest to you, these are our seasonal scents.

These perfume oils are cultivated with renewable & biodegradable materials; like organic coconut oil then blended with premium fragrance oils, plant essential oils and resins.

Highly scented perfume oils are crafted to be worn close to you, only to share if you want to. The scent won’t evaporate as quickly as alcohol based perfumes. Lasting for several hours and can be reapplied as needed or change your scent if you wish.

Our perfumes and scents are a preparatory blend made right here in our Summer Kitchen, and Lizzy Lane Farm is the only place to find them.

 🍃 🌼 🍃     Fall/Winter Farmer's Market Scents   🍃 🌼 🍃

🌼 Applejack- A stong alcoholic beverage made from apples, popular around here (New England) during the early Colonial years. Quite a process goes into making a good Jack and we have a family recipe used today for this tasty beverage. I must say our blend smells just like our Jack, not the mass produced fragrances oils. APPLEJACK, a crisp tangy/sweet apple cider like beverage with cinnamon, spices and hints of vanilla bean blending in.

🌼 Berry chutney- Traditionally chutney is made with fruits, spices, sugars and a bit of vinegar. They are a flavorful addition to meals. Our chutney is a blending of blueberry, cranberries, currants, oranges, lime, fall spices, with just a touch of sweet.

🌼 Black currant cider sparkler- Inspired by a local wine maker our Black Current Sparkling Cider is sure to bring a smile to your face with the scent of yummy fruity black currants, mingled with vanilla and that tickle on your nose.

🌼 Blackberry late’- Warm hazelnut, fresh berries, stirred with warm milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

🌼 Blackberry sage- The perfect blend of tart blackberries, mulberries, and orange zests; a touch of nutmeg, rose petals; and ends with the fresh scents of fresh green sage leaves, red clover blossoms, and a dry down of vanilla.

🌼 Browned sugar cranberry chutney- Harvest time, celebrations and tradition are the thoughts for the season. Simmering pots full of fresh cranberries, blended with raw sugar, molasses, fresh squeezed orange juice, orange zest, cinnamon sticks, cloves and a dash of nutmeg. A delightful base known as chutney for all means of harvest & holiday baking, roasting and enjoying. This is not the scent of tart cranberries this one is surprisingly sweet, fruity with a slight hint of spices.

🌼 Browned sugar- is a sweet sugary scent, a touch of maple, autumn leaves and cold air.

🌼 Campfire- a smoky wood scent that will send you back to summer nights around the fire, warm and inviting with a hint of the outdoors. Men love this one.

🌼 Cardamom rose cedar- complex and inviting blending of wild Bergamot, Cardamom spice, caraway seed, Moroccan Rose petals, East Indian Amber resin, Cedarwood tips, vintage White Peony, Vanilla & Sandalwood chips.

🌼 Chestnut clove- warm chestnut blending with cedar needles, spicy clove and a touch of sweet fern. This is not a floral and while I consider it a manly scent I myself have been enjoying this fresh crisp seasonal scent.

🌼 Cranberry sweet fig- An exciting blend of tart & juicy Cranberries and the sweet, mild allure of ripe Figs. A favorite fall and into the winter scent. Worn alone or with another fragrance.

🌼 Fall foliage- fun & flirty blend of sweet ripe orange, peony & Lilac with a touch of soft wood smoke.

🌼 Farm House Christmas- bring the thoughts of rum fruit cakes, fresh flowers on the dining table while whiffs of pine and spruce loft through the air. This is not an in your face Christmas tree scent, but more a mingling of scents while family gathers around to visit & catch up on events, while sharing a good meal.

🌼 Farm House Maple Sugar- not the sticky sweet of syrup but warm freshly boiled steaming hot maple sap.

🌼 Hazelnut- a warming sweet and nutty scent not quite as strong as almond.

🌼 Honey almond- a blending of fresh honey and a healthy dose of crushed almonds.

🌼 Northern comfort- Soft fragrant florals, whiffs of cedar blended with warm milk and sweet fig.

🌼 Oats Milk & Honey- The warm happy blending of oats, warm milk and sweet honey.

🌼 Peppermint- you know it, you love it. Bright, crisp minty!

🌼 Santa's spruce- Bright crisp balsam.

🌼 Sassy woodsmen- An earth, woodsy blend with a touch of sweet berries. A seductive blending of blackberries & red raspberries, fresh rubbed garden sage then mingled with whiffs of wood smoke

🌼 Toasted marshmallow-warm sweet sticky and toasted just right.

🌼 Warm caramel- is just what you would expect. Sweet creamy and delicious.

🌼 Warm honey- fresh warm and sweet

🌼 White pumpkin nog - sure to bring thoughts of pumpkins, eggnog and fresh flowers to your holiday table.

🌼 Winter's child- Crisp air blending with soft delicate of florals, a touch of spruce, with a soft lingering powdery finish

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