Personal Perfume Oil- ALPENGLOW-hot cocoa, vanilla, steamed milk, patchouli

$ 4.00

Alpenglow- when you see it you know it. The glow atop the mountain peaks just after sunset. My favorite time of day when things begin to quiet down and its time to head back to camp after a day of hiking. This is when a warm cup of cocoa gets your ready for the night. 

Naturally this blend includes rich hot cocoa made with real dark chocolate, steamed milk, vanilla blended with a touch of patchouli. 

Natural Perfume Oil is a wonderful way to enjoy subtle personal/ close to you scents. Natural perfumes are soft and sensitive that blends with your own chemistry and will smell slightly different on everyone who wears it. They are great for layering several scents to further create you own blend and signature styles.

This personal perfume oil is a custom blending of fragrance oils, all are premium quality, Paraben free and preservative free.

All ingredients are skin safe and are blended in small batches and shipped to you in glass roll on bottles or our cute little sample sized vials.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil & blended premium fragrance oils.


  • 1/3-ounce bottles have a metal roll on applicator and the
  • sample sized are 1/48 oz. (1/6th dram) the perfect size for a few uses.

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