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Horse Harness Brass | Protection | Talisman | Travel Charm

Horse Harness Brass | Protection | Talisman | Travel Charm

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Horse Harness Brass

A powerful talisman...

We are but wanderers. Nomads. Gypsies. Travelers. Tourists in this world.



Vintage Horse Harness Brass used to decorate draft horses as well as powerful charms. Some claim they are also talismans to ward off evil spirits.

Horses symbolize movement, strength, virtue, co-operation.


The most popular horse brass size is 3" × 3½" although some may be a bit larger. I have many designs, only a few are represented in the photos. All are beautiful, so I'll pick one for you.



Use this horse brass talisman when:

  • Traveling, to help guide you.
  • Starting or looking for new journeys, new beginnings, and new adventures.
  • You are looking for a new direction in your life.

 Horse brass will be picked by intuition for you. If you happen to have a preference, you can leave a note at check out and I'll do my best. You also could email me and I'll see what I have.

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