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Floral Carved Soapstone Bowl- Smudge Bowl, Incense Burner

Floral Carved Soapstone Bowl- Smudge Bowl, Incense Burner

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Floral Carved Soapstone Bowl

Who wouldn't love this in their herbal cupboard?...

I very lovely ebony soapstone carved bowl. I love using mine to burn incense and dried herbs. Occasonially one makes it way to the kitchen and it is enjoyed there too.

Enjoy the ritual of cleansing with herbs or the pleasurable burning of your favorite incense.


5" diameter x 2" tall

This bowl weights around 1.5 pounds, with the sand and samples added the shipping weight is just over 2 pounds.

Ways to use this bowl

  • You can add sand in the bottom and place charcoal on the sand then add your herbs and resins directly to the disc. This is what I do. Or try standing an incense stick upright in the sand.
  •  It can just be a little bowl to mix your herbs in for your rituals and spells. Sturdy enough to use as a mortar to grind herbs. Use this tool in all your rituals to create your special magic.


You will receive:

  • 1- hand carved stone bowl
  • 1- bag of white sand for your bowl
  • 1- our choice of the following:

= incense samples
= palo santo stick
= loose herbs
= gift crystal
= mini smudge stick


Made in India


Never leave burning items unattended.

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