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Spearmint Tea | Spearmint Loose Tea | Tea Bags | Organic Spearmint Tea

Spearmint Tea | Spearmint Loose Tea | Tea Bags | Organic Spearmint Tea

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Organic Spearmint Leaf

Freshly ground and fine cut...

Organic Spearmint Leaves Herbal Tea (Loose Leaf) are best known for their sweet character and relaxing nature. It offers a strong mint flavor with a sweet finish. Well know for its soothing properties.




  • Loose 1.5oz. on muslin bag
  • 12 pcs. prefilled tea bags
  • 2 pcs. sample size prefilled tea bags


Here is a quick simple chamomile tea recipe that I use all the time it will make 1 cup:

1 large pinch of chamomile

1 small pinch of spearmint

1 small pinch of lemon balm

A pinch is just that, stick your fingers in the jar and pull out a pinch, doesn’t need to be exact and this is the beauty of blending your own as you go. Add this to your tea infuser and steep in hot, but not boiling water for 5-10 minutes. When done empty the used herbs into your compost bucket. I use a metal mesh tea infuser, or my bamboo infuser right in my tea mug. Works like a charm! I keep small blue antique Ball canning jars on the back of my kitchen counter so they are handy at a moment's notice to brew a cup of tea. This is also nice iced too...

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