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Polished Wampum Shells | Powerful Money Magic | Money Charms | Charm Bag

Polished Wampum Shells | Powerful Money Magic | Money Charms | Charm Bag

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Polished Wampum Shells

A lucky charm for powerful money magic...


Wampum is a clam found in New England, USA. These clams were collected and shaped into beads by the area's Native People. Traded as currency and woven into belts to tell stories, or remember the spoken word. These things make wampum a powerful charm for truth and money.


How to use Wampum Shells

  • A strong charm for drawing money, truth, honesty.
  • Being born of the ocean, they represent the primal feminine, both powerful and strong. They represent the divine Goddess which is connected with the strength of the ocean. An ancient symbol for creation, birth, and re-birth.
  • Used in manifestation, prosperity, and healing spells- to draw things you desire into your life.
  • Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, her main symbol is the seashell. Invoke the power of Aphrodite for love spells using shells by wearing seashell jewelry or hair ornaments to attract a mate.


Highly polished these Wampum shells measure 1-1.5" wide x .5" tall.

These have been polished to show off their purple and white colors. This is a complete shell that has been sealed shut. 

Your charm bag will arrive with 4 shells, enough for many uses and to share.



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