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Anise Star Pods- Organic (Illicium verum)

Anise Star Pods- Organic (Illicium verum)

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Freshly dried whole Anise stars...

Organic Anise Star Pod

Botanical Name: Illicium verum

Origin: Vietnam

Organic: Yes 

Caffeine-free: No   



1 ounce=about 1/4 cup  

1 pound=16 ounces=about 8 cups. 



      Also known as Badiam or Star Anise Seed. Used to make Organic Anise Star Tea, Herbal Incense, Potpourri, and as a Medicinal herb or Spice. Anise Star is used in numerous Asian Recipes and can be encapsulated as an herbal supplement, or ground or broken to pieces for a delightful tea. Anise Star has a pleasing, robust smell resembling fennel and licorice although at the same time having a distinct scent and flavor all of its own. It is a commonly used herb in aromatherapy.


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