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Mullein Leaf- Verbascum thapsus- Organic Dried Mullein Leaf

Mullein Leaf- Verbascum thapsus- Organic Dried Mullein Leaf

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Organic Mullein Leaf

A plant that goes by many names & just as many uses...

Botanical Name: Verbascum thapsus

Origin: USA (culinary grade)

Organic: Yes 

Caffeine-free: Yes  



  • Loose:  1/2 pound=8 ounces=about 3-4 cups   


Some folk magic uses for Mullein Leaf are protection from nightmares & sorcery, courage, cursing, and invoking spirits. Place beneath a pillow or use in a dream pillow to guard against nightmares. Carry to instill courage and help attract love from the opposite sex.

Make a tea to help with sleep, relieve joint pain, muscle spasm & digestive problems. You can crush leaves, roll into hemp papers, and smoke. Also may add other herbs into the rolling mixture. Helps with respiratory troubles, soothes skin, asthma, ear-related infections & Headaches.


Let's make a perfect cup of Mullein tea

Take 1 tablespoon and steep for 4-5 minutes in hot water. Add honey to sweeten the taste. Mullein leaf has a perfect accent flavor, try adding several flowers for brewing with other teas.



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