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Natural Rough Raw Selenite Crystal Wand | Communicate With Your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels.

Natural Rough Raw Selenite Crystal Wand | Communicate With Your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels.

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Selenite Crystal Wand

A powerful charging gemstone...

Wonderful petite Selenite wands that fit nicely in the palm of your hand and are easy for traveling. Rough cut in their natural state, they are full of great energy! Each one unique and different in their own way.

About Selenite

Selenite is a stone of psychic communication, divination, intuition, and clarity. It allows higher consciousness and helps to expand spiritual awareness. It clears the mind, encouraging mental clarity and focus, it dispels confusion and mental blockage. A wonderful stone of protection, Selenite brings about peace within the home and among its occupants. Also a stone of fertility and is a great choice for pregnancy as it serves as a protection amulet to insure a safe delivery.

Selenite is also a great healing stone, it helps to align the spinal column and promotes flexibility. It is said that Selenite guards against epileptic seizures. It improves flexibility, improves energy flow, and helps to balance your mind, body and spirit.

A popular stone used by clairvoyants and mediums, Selenite will aid in otherworldly communications, psychic workings with spirit guides, angels, ancestors and loved ones.



Selenite is powerful stone. It can also be used to clear any past or negative energies from other gemstones. Never immerse Selenite in water, as it can be permanently damaged if exposed to water, so do not cleanse or immerse it in water for any reason.



These natural state uncut Selenite wands measure about 2" long.


Ways to use Selenite

  • Clears & charges other crystals-enhances other crystal properties
  • Repairs & re-energizes the Aura
  • Shifts energetic vibrations
  • Disperses negativity
  • Crown Chakra
  • Meditation is always one of the first things that come to mind.
  • Take a ritual bath with this powerful heart stone-(but don't get it wet)
  • Carry with you for a constant companion
  • Tuck under your pillow
  • Since it is named after Selene, the goddess who traverses the veiled night with the light of her moon chariot, it is perfect for anything moon related.
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