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Plain Cast Iron Chime Candle Holder for Mini Spell & Chime Candles

Plain Cast Iron Chime Candle Holder for Mini Spell & Chime Candles

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Plain Candle Holders- Cast Iron

A necessity & pretty too...

These pretty black cast iron Chime candle holders (often called Chime, Spell, or ritual candles) hold the smaller 1/2" x 4" tapers. A must for any Alter. These black cast iron Chime candle holders are versatile as well, you could use chalk to draw on them for enhancing your candle magick!

Iron was once the most durable metal known to man, and this is reflected in mythology and folklore. Thor's hammer Mjolnir was forged of iron, and even in the Norse myths the legendary heat retention properties of iron were demonstrated: the hammer would become so hot when thrown, Thor wore iron gloves to protect his hands.

The legendary strength and durability of iron make it a natural component in spells of protection. Many obtain items of iron, such as old keys and padlocks, or spikes, and place them by their door in order to keep out poltergeists and other unwanted spiritual visitors.



1.25” tall x 1" wide



Metaphysical Properties


Metaphysical Properties of Iron
Energy: Projective
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Deity: Selene
Associated Stones: Quartz Crystal, Holey Stones
Associated Metals: Lodestone, Meteorite
Powers: Protection, Defensive Magic, Strength, Healing, Grounding, Return of Stolen Goods




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