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Partridge Wing Feather | Ruffed Grouse Wing Feathers

Partridge Wing Feather | Ruffed Grouse Wing Feathers

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Partridge wing Feathers

Feathers transform the art of space clearing...

Feathers are used to lift the stagnant energy during a smudging ceremony. In the traditions of Native Americans, feathers are considered sacred gifts from the sky, sea, and trees.



Beautiful New England ruffed grouse (partridge) bird wing crafting feathers.

Ruffed grouse are a game bird often referred to as partridge here in New Hampshire, but they are not a true partridge.

No birds were harmed to sell feathers. All birds were used as a natural, organic, food source for humans. Feathers are re-purposed to enable the use of the entire bird.

Most feathers are gray with striking black stripes throughout and a wider black accent band near the end of the feather. Some are what fly tiers refer to as "red phase", which have some reddish brown coloration interspersed with black stripes.


Size ranges from 4" to 5" in length including the shaft.

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