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Candle Magic Mini Set | Hand-rolled Beeswax Pentagram Ritual Candle Set with Candle Holder, Incense Matches

Candle Magic Mini Set | Hand-rolled Beeswax Pentagram Ritual Candle Set with Candle Holder, Incense Matches

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Hand-rolled Beeswax Pentagram Ritual Candle Set

A fun little ritual candle set...

For times when you need just a quick little magic candle.  Hand-rolled beeswax small chime candle with cutest Pentagram holder and a package of incense matches.



These hand-rolled candles, often called Chime, Spell, or ritual candles, are fairly quick-burning ( about 1 hour). Made from ethically sourced beeswax and a cotton wick.

This cute wooden chime candle holder is the cutest holder with a Pentagram and holds the white candle perfectly. The incense matches will be our choice of scent but all are fabulous.


Beeswax & Bees

Beeswax candles are some of the oldest candles in history. Being all-natural makes them healthier. They are reported to improve allergy and asthma symptoms. Like air purifiers, beeswax candles release negative ions that neutralize the particles from air pollutants, rendering them harmless. Our candles are non-scented, but if you want them scented you can do this yourself by gently rolling them in any essential oil of your choice.

The bee is associated with life, creativity, hard work, community, success, prosperity, and abundance. Busyness and easygoing but purposeful energy that manages to get things done. Also a ferocious little warrior. In religious history, they represent the human soul while the hive represents the human body, with honey symbolizing the rich inner life we can enjoy within ourselves.



Beeswax rolled candles are 4" tall and will fit any holder designed to hold Ritual candles. The Pentagram holder is about 2" long.



This cute Candle Ritual Mini set is perfect for on-the-go travel, and makes a thoughtful gift, and is a great starter set as well. The beeswax candle does have a metal disc to hold the hand-rolled wick which might not fit into this, or another holder securely, it will remove very easily with scissors.


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