Beeswax Pine Cone Candle- Small Yellow Beeswax Pine Cone

$ 7.00

Cute realistic looking pine cone candles made from natural beeswax are hand poured into custom molds to make beautiful and fragrant accents to any living space.


✿ 100% pure organic yellow beeswax

✿ Small pine cone candle

✿ 3” (7.62cm) x 2” (5cm)

✿ Organic cotton wick-- Trim wick to ¼” (.63cm) before burning

✿ Natural wax/honey scent (no additional scent added)

✿ Natural color

✿ No chemical additives

✿ Organic beeswax from North Eastern US apiaries whose bees have access to only NON-GMO fields.

✿ Place pillar candle on a heat safe candle stand/container

✿ Never leave candles burning unattended and out of reach of pets and children

✿ Handmade candles have a naturally occurring uniqueness that enhance their rustic beauty, please allow for some inconsistencies

Beautiful small pinecone candles made with pure beeswax. Handmade, one at a time, by me in my NH Farm House Summer Kitchen Studio. Organic beeswax candles have a gentle, natural honey scent, burn longer and brighter than other types of wax candles, and are dripless if burned undisturbed and away from drafts.

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