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 I am so happy you have decided to sign up for our Newsletter. Take a peek inside our Summer Kitchen. City folk would want to call it a studio, but our Summer Kitchen is more than that, it’s a place where we work, share ideas and a good picnic every now and then. It’s a place where the children have their own area to work and play, while the adults get some of our own work done. A place where the environment is calm, ideas & people can grow and be themselves. If not in the house this is where you will most likely find us spending family time. I love to have visitors and share a story or two and send them home with a sample of our latest creations, be it a new soap or a loaf of Zucchini bread.


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 Lizzy Lane Farm's Newsletter
Ramblings from our Summer Kitchen

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Our natural and organic products are all made right here in our farmhouse Summer Kitchen. Always the straight from the farm organic ingredients, made in small batches so you know its as fresh as it can be.

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Photography is a hobby of mine and I like to share some of them with anyone who enjoys them. In our Newsletter you will have exclusive access to download your own photos to print. (as long as they are for personal use.) Easy to print in several size options from your own printer on photo quality papers.






Our hope is to provide you with the materials  and knowledge you need to craft your own natural and organic products your family needs. Need a bit of inspiration or suggestions on how we “fix” that itchy skin naturally here on the Farm? Need some of those fabulous tins and some of the dried herbs too; that you see in our shop for your own creations? This is where to find them and more.








I share some behind the scenes looks at our gardens, canning, animals and whatever else might be going on here. Shenanigans happen every day it seems. How about a peek at our homeschooling? I share what we are doing and a few of my favorite resources too.




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 Lizzy Lane Farm's Newsletter
Ramblings from our Summer Kitchen

We respect your email privacy