Organic Dusting Body Powder metal shakers: Talc, Cornstarch & GMO free: PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Herbal Blends

$ 14.95

Add a bit of beauty to your daily routine.

🍃🌼 Organic Botanical Dusting Powder 🌼 🍃

This is our botanical collection, the same silky smooth powder with the added benefits of finely ground herbs. With a light lavender scent or unscented and several choices of herbs. Perfect for the whole family.

🌼 GMO & Gluten free
🌼 Talc & Cornstarch free
🌼 Paraben & Phthalate free
🌼 Colorant free & vegan friendly
🌼 Organic & natural ingredients
🌼 refillable metal powder coated aluminum shaker bottle
🌼 3.5 ounces (99 grams) 6 ounces by volume

🌼with added botanicals

🌼 foot powder
🌼 dry shampoo
🌼 pick your scent

||: Pick your favorite :||

🍃Herbal Blend: This blend includes finely ground and powdered fresh Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender flower blossoms and is lightly scented with additional lavender essential oils.

🍃Herbal Blend Unscented: The same powder without the added lavender oil.

🍃Herbal Lavender: Is the same fabulous organic powder with dried lavender buds and added lavender essential oils. The scent is true lavender.

🍃Herbal Lavender Unscented: The same powder with lavender buds and without the added lavender oils.

🍃Herbal Chamomile: Our perfect powder with added Chamomile blossoms, lightly scented with pure lavender oil.

🍃Herbal Chamomile Unscented: The Same powder without the added lavender oils.


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