aphrodite spiritual oil, intention oil, ritual oil
aphrodite spiritual oil, intention oil, ritual oil
aphrodite spiritual oil, intention oil, ritual oil
intention oil
aphrodite spiritual oil, intention oil, ritual oil
aphrodite intention oil and sachet herb bag
intention oil pretty packaging
intention oil packaged so pretty
aphrodite intention oil and sachet bag

APHRODITE Intention Oil Hand Blended Perfume Oil, Anointing Oil, Ritual Oil

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Aphrodite Intention Oil


Call on Aphrodite for guidance in your dreams and journeys...

The Scent

(Fresh cherry blossoms, quieting lavenders, fresh citrus and, aged patchouli, and amber. Petite tea roses, spicy anise star, and rose quartz crystals)

This is the romantic essence that is slightly floral.


Aphrodite is known as many things. The lady of the sea, a shape-shifter, the dark one, and the goddess of love. She was born full-grown and is of both the sea and sky. A queen of beasts and holds a true love for all wildlife. She represents both spiritual and physical love.

She most often manifests as a mermaid or a woman that shines so bright that looking at her can put you in a trance. She is pure beauty and true love that when she walks, roses bloom beneath her feet.


 |Call on her when|

  • You are seeking to enhance a relationship or looking for a new love.
  • you are wanting to connect with the sea.
  • For times when you are feeling weighed down and need a good breeze to lift your spirits.



Aphrodite Intention Oil is vegan & organic. It comes in an 8 dram (14ml) glass bottle, with your choice of glass rod applicator or a roll-on. The sample size is 1 ml. 

Ways to use Intention Oil


Some great ways to use this oil are a dab on your inner wrist, behind your ears, in the crease of your elbows and knees. A drop or two onto a candle, in your bath, shampoos, oil burners, dabbed onto a small cloth and tucked into your pocket and dresser drawers.


Lizzy Lane Farm's Intention Oils are NOT intended for consumption. Skin test all products before using. Do not use if redness or irritation occurs. Keep all intention oils away from eyes, mucous membranes, children, and pets. If irritation does occur then wash with soap and water to clean the affected area.