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The Makings of Lucid Dream Oil

making lucid dream oil

This ritual happens every 8 weeks and I just love it!

The process of saying hello to my special herbs just for this dream oil then infusing them in our window sill. Many of the herbs are wild crafted from my special secret spots this time of year. I set aside a day or two to collect them, enjoy the quiet of the area then set them to solar dry. Next is the process of cleaning the dried herbs and dividing them into 8 special jars. The jars are special because they are antique blue Ball mason jars from my personal collection. Each speaks to me in different ways; it might be the waviness of the glass or an air bubble in the glass that reminds me of something.

my favorite mortar and pestle


white sage

Some of these herbs don't grow local to me and I trade with fellow herb loving friends from far and near. The relationships I have with these people have evolved over many years and we stay in touch often. Some I have even had the joy of meeting in person!

I truly enjoy the process and the fact that I can pass this joy onto my friends both in person and via the internet.


infusing herbs


infusing herbs


my fancy labels

Our dream oil is a powerful herbal oil and I would suggest to use it only a few nights a week, some nights just need sound restful sleep. Lucid dreaming is thought to help see into the future, helping to sort troubling times out, invite serene, peaceful and relaxing energy into your life.

This beautifully scented herbal oil should be applied to your third eye and any other chakra points, wrists, ankles, bottom of your feet or any place your energy is drawn from.

🔅  I have to tell you...this dreaming oil contains some of the most amazing mugwort I have worked with, every single time I have used it, my dreams have been so detailed, vivid and at times disturbing. I suggest using this oil when you are well rested.


my helpers

Made from a strong herbal solar infusion of pure Olive oil, Mugwort, Anise, Roses, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Sage, Spike Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary sprigs and Mullein; all herbs known through time to inspire lucid dreams.

The recycled glass bottles our oil is sold in are beautiful in their own way with their deep blue color fading to clear. These bottles have a dropper cap to dispense just a drop or two.

lucid dream oil



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We have gone Palm free...

our products are now palm oil free


🍃 {We have decided to go Palm Free!... } 🍃

We have always used organic, fair trade & GMO free ingredients and we are always working to make a good thing better. Palm oil is linked to major environmental & social issues such as deforestation, habitat destruction, climate change, pollution, animal cruelty, and indigenous rights abuses. The forests are being cleared for the development of oil palm plantations.

The World Wildlife Fund reports, an area the size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared each hour to make way for palm oil production. This enormous deforestation is pushing many species to the brink of extinction and contributing to environmental damage. These heart breaking consequences are the reasons we are eliminating the use of palm oil and its byproducts in our products.

If in the next few days and weeks you notice our ingredients lists still contain palm oil it is because we are still working on changing the many places our ingredients are listed. Rest assured we have donated all of our palm oil and any product that contained palm oil to a local shelter.

We just thought you would like to know.


new palm free butter soap from lizzy lane far.

Radish is part of our Market Collection- the scent is rich spics and sultry.


new palm free butter bar soap.

Sit a Spell is the dead on scent of fresh ice cold sweet tea...

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