Collection: Pure Beeswax Candles, Genuine Bayberry Wax Candles

A lovely collection straight from our Summer Kitchen of hand-poured pure beeswax candles, and genuine bayberry wax candles. Our signature line of candles are made with 100% pure domestic, GMO-free waxes and organic cotton wicks.

Pure Beeswax Candles

100% organic pure beeswax.  We only use wax from American beekeepers who can ensure their hives only have access to GMO-free fields this ensures the highest quality possible. That is pretty easy to do here in the hills of New Hampshire.

Some are just the natural honey scent of the wax and some have added fragrances. Available in our signature Weck glass jars, metal travel tins, molded candles, and pillars.

Our white beeswax is never bleached, but instead carefully filtered.

 Genuine Bayberry wax candles

Bayberry wax is delicate, rare, and expensive, made in New England since colonial times. Here in New England, it's traditionally burned during the holidays to celebrate Christmas and New Year, genuine bayberry candles are gaining popularity year-round.

Genuine Bayberry wax has a lovely herbal scent and natural sage green/olive color that will "bloom" over time. Bloom is the natural whitish coating found overtime on quality natural waxes, it is quite beautiful. Customers seek real bayberry for its natural, pleasant aroma, long burning properties, and beautiful color.