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Rose Quartz Lotus Flower Stone Talisman | For awakening compassion and Heart Chakra energy

Rose Quartz Lotus Flower Stone Talisman | For awakening compassion and Heart Chakra energy

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Rose Quartz Lotus Flower Stone Talisman

Rose Quartz Lotuses are the embodiment of love itself.

When all things seem dark, uncaring, unloving and you need powerful love immediately! This pink rose quartz lotus flower talisman is a perfect choice. Its material, shape, color, and sister herbs are combining to bring great love power to you.

The Magic

Flower Magic
Pink Lotus flowers bring in happy, loving vibrations as they are the supreme lotus and are considered to be the true lotus of Buddha. He represents your utmost, nonphysical awakening and calls you to send out and receive love, compassion, and light.

Rose is the flower of love. While Jasmine's magical properties ride the waves of our emotional tides. It brings understanding to the conscious mind, desires, and wishes of the heart to light.

Crystal Magic
Rose Quartz, is the stone of universal love and forgiveness. A powerful stone to keep around you every day for its radiant energy. Rose Quartz is a must of Empaths and Sensitives, it helps to soothe negative energy from others, promotes peace and happiness.

Color Magic
Pink is oozing with love, positivity, warmth, and comfort. When we see the color pink, it inspires us to cling to hope.


These hand-carved rose quartz lotus flowers are about 2" in diameter and 1" tall. Carved from a single piece of natural rose quartz, each will shine with beauty as its colors and patterns are all unique.



You will receive one (1) intuitively chosen rose quarts lotus flower talisman in a hand-dyed storage bag adorned with a pink ribbon rose (to remind you to love yourself). Each rose quartz lotus talisman comes with a toss of dried Rose and Jasmine. Rose is the flower of love, while Jasmine is very powerful at calming things down. The scent is divine!

  • The muslin storage bag was hand-dyed with spring violets and shows off its own love. Your talisman pouch is tucked safely in a gift box for safekeeping.

How to use these Rose Quartz Lotus Stones

  • Perfect size for your alter
  • Use to hold anointing or ritual oil
  • hole a crystal sphere (50mm fits perfectly)
  • hold during meditation to open the heart chakra and overcome heartache and invite in unconditional love.
  • Small candle holder for candle work
  • use the herbs for a sachet, burn as incense, add to your bath


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