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Drifting Away Loose Herbal Incense | Relax, Sleep, Unwind, Calm Your Senses

Drifting Away Loose Herbal Incense | Relax, Sleep, Unwind, Calm Your Senses

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Drifting Away Loose  Herbal Incense

This superstar blend of herbs and resins will have you calm in no time...

(a natural herbal loose incense to show off the power of each flower's magick)


Drifting Away herbal incense is a bounty of calming lavender mingling with the relaxing apple-like scent of chamomile, white sage, vanilla, and slight balsam tones.


This Drifting Away blend promotes relaxation, sleep, and stress relief. It helps to calm your senses, ease depression, anxiety, & fear, and restore emotional balance.

  • As an incense
  • Ritual baths
  • Make a sachet and put it under your pillow or near your bed
  • Use for spells or rituals
  • Circle the base of a candle with herbs when doing candle magic
  • Fill a poppet




A unique blend of premium lavender, chamomile, white sage, resins, and a few more powerful calming herbs and oils.


The Experience

Even though this has many easily ignitable herbs, this should not burn on its own, you want it to smolder. You will need a charcoal or resin/incense burner.

Burn resin on a charcoal disc or incorporate it into your own work.

How to burn using charcoal discs:
• Prepare a heatproof bowl by adding about 1" of sand/ash/salt (this disperses the heat)
• Hold disc with tongs. Light disc until it starts to spark. Set into a bowl on top of sand/ash/salt.
• Wait a few minutes for the disc to heat up.
• Using tongs sprinkle a pinch of loose incense onto the burning disc.
• Enjoy the pleasant aroma and healing benefits.
• When burned up, use tongs to clear off the disc.
• Repeat as many times as you want.
• When done – either cover the bowl or let it burn to ash. Discard when cooled.


Drifting Away herbal incense comes to you packaged in a beautiful, reusable silver tin that holds about .7 ounces of this amazing incense.



Though these blends are made with organic herbs, they are not intended for internal consumption. (In other words, don't smoke it, make tea, or eat it!)


Incense Accessory Kit


You also have the option of adding one of our incense accessories kits that contain either 2 (two) charcoal discs and an incense spoon  OR 2 (two) hand-poured beeswax tealights and an incense spoon. Spoons really are petite measures approx 2", please see our photo with the ruler so you can have a good idea of these wonderful tiny spoons...

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