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Detox Facial Tea | Organic Herbal Steam | Skin Detoxifying | Face Health | Breathing Steam | Free Steam Bag

Detox Facial Tea | Organic Herbal Steam | Skin Detoxifying | Face Health | Breathing Steam | Free Steam Bag

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Oh so gentile for all skin types...

Our Fresh organic herbal steam blend is truly multi use and oh’ so kind and caring for your skin, and blended when you order them. Enjoy these farm fresh organic herbs in so many ways, truly a value for anyone seeking natural skin care.

To use as an herbal facial steam:

Place a handful (1-2 Tbl.) of herbs in 2 quarts of steaming water. Not hot enough to burn but you will feel a tingle. Place the bowl of herbs and steaming water on a sturdy surface and place your face over it about 12 inches or so. Place a towel over you head and bowl to catch the steam. As the water cools heat the water again. You should enjoy these wonderful herbs for a total of 20 minutes or so. Pat your face dry and follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer. I like to use herbal infused Witch Hazel. Drain the herbs and place in the compost bin.

✿   Alternately you could place a handful of the herbs (store the rest in a glass jar) in the muslin pouch and seep the herbs in the steaming water.

✿    To use as a relaxing herbal bath tea:
Sprinkle into running warm bath water. A lovely soothing blend to calm down a sunburn.  A nice blend for an herbal soak.
✿   Enjoy as a potpourri, wedding toss

Store With Care

Keep your herbs dry until ready to use them, if they get wet they will mold and not be safe to use. There are no preservatives in this herbal steam, just natural air dried organic herbs.

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Each 5"x7" muslin bag contains 2.5 ounces of herbs by weight, not volume. This is enough for 4-5 facial steams.

A single (one) 5"x7" natural muslin bag stuffed full of our herbal facial blend. Tucked in a resealable bag, sprinkled with pretty herbs and wrapped with a full label listing all or our ingredients.

Buy our full size in a pack of 3 herbal bags.

Facial Steam Blend ingredients

White Willow Bark- Nettle- Lavender Buds- Rose- Red Clover- Yarrow- Calendula- Chaparral- Comfrey- Rosemary- plus a few more skin loving herbs. Also includes rosemary essential oil. Herbs may vary depending on availability and the herbal season.


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