Catnip-Organic Fresh Dried

$ 3.00

Fresh dried organic catnip. Wonderful for kitty and you too, and safe for children in tea. Catnip has just the opposite effect on we humans than it does our kitty friends. It is a great safe herb made into a tea for the end of the day.

Catnip also finds it way into dream pillow and sachets. Useful as an insect repellant.

Catnip for kitty to sprinkle on the floor or rub into their fur, perfect for making your own kitty toys.

Fresh dried right here on the farm, this is the leaf stem and flower buds. Here I have to grow this lovely herb inside big wire cages to keep our cats out of the catnip so there is some left for everyone else. If not when looking for the cats they can be found sleeping right in the middle of the catnip bed all patted down to make a comfy bed for a nap.

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