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Mugwort-Organic Fresh Dried-(Artemisia vulgaris)

Mugwort-Organic Fresh Dried-(Artemisia vulgaris)

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Organic Mugwort Leaf

Freshly dried and small cut...

Botanical Name: Artemisia vulgaris

Origin: USA

Organic: US grown

Caffeine-free: No 


    Loose:1 ounce=about 1 cup   1/2 pound=8 ounces=about 8 cups   1 pound=16 ounces=about 16 cups. 


      Ours is the leaf and stem and has been cut and sifted. Also known as Artemis Herb, Artemisia, Felon Herb, Muggons, Naughty Man, Old Man, Old Uncle Henry, Sailor’s Tobacco, St. John’s Plant

      Our Mugwort makes a nice addition to dream pillows. Also find our Mugwort incorporated into our lucid dream oil, dream pillows, and facial steams.

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