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milkweed pod
milkweed pod, fairy magick work, fall equinox,
milkweed fluff- a wish is granted for each seed caught and released again...

Milkweed Pods- Faire Work, Autumn Equinox, Fall Equinox

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Milkweed Pods

Folklore tells us a pillow stuffed with Milkweed fluff will leave you dreaming of the fay...

Botanical Name: Asclepias syriaca

Origin: NH

Organic: Yes - Wildcrafted

Caffeine-free: N/A


1pod- This magical milkweed offering comes sealed in a bag with a vintage tag, a beautiful print perfect for your magick work, alter, or even to send a quick note.

      Caffeine-free: N/A  


      Also known as Silk weed, Cotton weed, Wild Cotton, Silky wort. Folklore abounds for this magical herb- a wish is granted for each seed caught and released again. Iroquois used this plant to fight witches so one can be sure it is great for protection, divination, seeing. The faeries are very attracted to this plant and it is known that the fluff stuffed into a pillow will leave you dreaming of them. The flower of the milkweed is associated with the Summer Solstice magick while the fluff is for Fall Equinox. The fiber is spun for knot magic.

      Our Milkweed pods are very limited