Rose Geranium Pink Himalayan Bath Salts- herbal tub tea

$ 25.00

Pink Himalayan salts transformed into a herbal tub tea. Delicate red and pink rose buds and petals are blended with the purest Himalayan pink sea salts, dead sea salts, Epsom salt and pure rose geranium flower oils. Neatly tucked in a petite organic muslin bag ready to add to your next bath.

🌼 All organic ingredients
🌼 Ethically harvested salts and herbs
🌼 Vegan friendly
🌼 GMO, colorant and baking soda free
🌼 Pure Rose Geranium essential plant oils (no synthetic fragrances)
🌼 Eco friendly packaging – can be reused, re-gifted, or recycled
🌼 Organic US made 100% muslin cotton drawstring bags
🌼 Trendy and ever popular Weck jar safely stores your tub tea
🌼 This listing contains 6 of our vegan friendly herbal bath salt blend tub tea pouches
🌼 Each pouch holds several Tablespoons of salt—just enough for a large bath
🌼 A safe combination for sensitive skin, children & the elderly

To use:
Tie the muslin pouch to your tub faucet while it fills or sprinkle contents into running water. You can also use the steeped pouch as a mild exfoliant during your bath.

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