Frankincense resin
Frankincense resin
Frankincense Resin- - Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary
Frankincense Resin- - Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary

Frankincense Resin Incense, Natural Incense, Smudging, Clearing, Protection, Purification and Consecration

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Frankincense Resin Incense

Frankincense is the hardened gum-like material (resin) that comes from cuts made in the trunk of the Boswellia sacra tree.


2 oz. by weight in a metal tin, large tins are 1.25" tall x 3.25" in diameter


Frankincense resin is an aid in divination, dreaming, wisdom and clarity. Call in spiritual support and divine guidance. Excellent to burn for reducing anxiety and to invite a night of restful sleep.

The Scent

This depends upon species - often fresh, fruity, citrus bouquet with delicate sweet, resinous, and woody undertones.

How to use

Burn resin on a charcoal disc or incorporate it into your own work.

How to burn using charcoal discs:
• Prepare a heat proof bowl by adding about 1" of sand/ash/salt (this disperses the heat)
• Hold disc with tongs. Light disc until it starts to spark. Set into bowl on top of sand/ash/salt.
• Wait a few minutes for disc to heat.
• Sprinkle a pinch of loose incense onto burning disc.
• Enjoy the pleasant aroma and healing benefits!
• When burned up, use tongs to clear off disc.
• Sprinkle another pinch of incense. Repeat as many times as you want.
• When done – either cover the bowl or let it burn to ash. Discard when cooled.