New Additions here at the farm... Free Shipping & Potpourri

New Additions here at the farm... Free Shipping & Potpourri

Summer season is just about here at the farm! There are a few very exciting changes and additions. One is the new shade garden just outside the workshop. It has a way to go but it's looking good and very enjoyable while sitting at the outside table on the stone patio.


shade garden at the workshop


I'm so excited to be working on changing our shop over to all free shipping. Not everything is there yet, but I'm working on it. Check the details tab of a listing to see if it ships free.


the herb garden


Today's Blend Potpourri is rightly named. Each morning the first thing I do in the Workshop is blending a large batch of Potpourri. I never know what is going into it or even the scent until I start opening those beautiful jars of dried herbs and flowers.
I like to include a small sample of it with each packed order for the day. It's just a little thank you and my desire to share joy. I hope no one expects it to be duplicated for a large order, I don't write anything down. :) But I sure could try if I needed to.

  • Today's Blend is perfect to fill a small bowl for a small space that needs a bit of joy
  • Use in a foot soak
  • It would be a lovely floor sweep
  • Make a sachet to add to your car or even pocket
  • Try it as a simmering potpourri


todays blend potpourri
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