Painted Feather for Smudging | Eagle Smudging Feather

Painted Feather for Smudging | Eagle Smudging Feather | Healinging, Blessing, Honoring the Earth and All Beings |

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Eagle Smudging Feather

Feathers transform the art of space clearing...

Feathers are used to lift the stagnant energy during a smudging ceremony. In the traditions of Native Americans, feathers are considered sacred gifts from the sky, sea, and trees.



These are very large hand-painted feathers for smudging. Painted to resemble an Eagle feather, this painted feather will serve you well for many years. Plain and un-decorated ready for your personal touches.

You will receive one (1) intuitively chosen hand-painted smudging eagle feather.


Very large between 12"- 14" long.