Organic Dusting Body Powder Gift Set :  PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Men's Scents - Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary
Organic Dusting Body Powder Gift Set :  PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Men's Scents - Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary
Organic Dusting Body Powder Gift Set :  PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Men's Scents - Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary
Organic Dusting Body Powder Gift Set :  PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Men's Scents - Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary
Organic Dusting Body Powder Gift Set :  PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Men's Scents - Lizzy Lane Farm Apothecary

Organic Dusting Body Powder Gift Set : PICK • YOUR • SCENT :: Men's Scents

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 🌼 🍃 Organic Body Powder Gift Set  🍃 🌼 

P I C K  Y O U R  S C E N T   B E L O W

This is our collection for the men in your life... beautiful to wear alone or layer with our other scents. 

Body Powder Gift Sets from Lizzy Lane Farm are an exceptional, uplifting & joyful experience every single time, always soft, always silky and always a treat; making them a great all around, every day powder for your entire family.

🌼 GMO & Gluten free
🌼 Talc & Cornstarch free
🌼 Paraben free
🌼 Phthalate free
🌼 Colorant free & vegan friendly
🌼 Organic & natural ingredients
🌼 refillable metal powder coated aluminum shaker bottle
🌼 6 ounces (170 grams)
🌼 scroll down for scent descriptions

🌼 foot powder
🌼 dry shampoo
🌼 unscented makes a great dry shampoo for your pets
🌼 pick your scent

||: This set includes :||
🍃 6 oz. (170 grams) of your favorite scented powder; enough to fill the pretty powder dish.
🍃 A covered pressed glass powder dish-dish measures 5" (127mm) in diameter and 4.5" (114mm) tall with lid.
🍃 A handmade cotton dusting powder puff. To fit nicely in the powder dish (our choice of color)

🍃🌼 Custom blended in our Farm House Summer Kitchen 🌼 🍃
Our powders & scents are a proprietary blend made right here in our Summer Kitchen Workshop and Lizzy Lane Farm is the only place to find them. Ingredients include organic arrowroot, natural clays, premium fragrance oils, plant essential oils and resins. Always custom blended and not from a mass produced base or fragrance oil.

||: P I C K    Y O U R    F A V O R I T E S :||
🍃 ! Patchouli- All natural plant essential oils, cool dark earthy well seasoned!

🍃 ! Patchouli Lavender- robust dark patchouli with touches of lavender.

🍃 Turtle Bay (Bay Rum)-is the quintessential men’s shaving scent… ours features exotic spices - Allspice, Capers, Cloves, Nutmeg mixed with Crushed Orange, Crisp White Pine Needles and just a touch of Patchouli and Vanilla blending a deep base note for staying powder

🍃 ! Lavender-All natural essential oil blend of our 3 favorite lavender varieties..

🍃 ! Lavender Mint- blending lavender and fresh mints.

🍃 ! Lavender Rosemary-brisk, sharp and a favorite around here.

🍃 ! Black Forest-

🍃 ! Tea Tree- pungent and great for all sorts of layering combinations.

🍃 ! Smokey Mirror-This one is dark and sharp!! the first thing you smell is the dark patchouli then the rosemary and eucalyptus peek through above the smokey hints of vetiver. Men and the ladies in their lives love this one....

🍃 ! Tea Tree Patchouli- a classic combination. Many enjoy.

🍃 ! lemongrass Lavender- lemongrass is sweet with a lemon fragrance, this combined with a slightly camphoric lavender.

🍃 Sweet honey- fresh honey straight from the hive

🍃 Sweet honey and Toasted Almond- fresh honey and hints of infused toasted almond.

🍃 Oats, Milk and Honey- warm rolled oats steaming hot, drizzled with warm cream and fresh honey.

🍃 Autumn honey- Late Honey is always the deepest color and the most flavorful. This is in part because of the abundance and variety of flowers and pollen available. Around here in the fall there are all sorts of flowers from asters, to sunflowers, clover, vining vegetables. This is a golden honey scent with hints of amber, asters, sunflowers, sweet and slightly floral.

🍃 ~Whisky & Honey- A familiar scent of great Canadian Whiskey and autumn honey.

🍃 Warm Caramel- Warm and slightly sweet

🍃 Browned Sugar Cranberry Chutney- Harvest time, celebrations and tradition are the thoughts for the season. Simmering pots full of fresh cranberries, blended with raw sugar, molasses, fresh squeezed orange juice, orange zest, cinnamon sticks, cloves and a dash of nutmeg. A delightful base known as chutney for all means of harvest & holiday baking, roasting and enjoying. This is not the scent of tart cranberries this one is surprisingly sweet, fruity with a slight hint of spices.

🍃 Whiskey Maple Sugar-Smooth Southern Whiskey swirled with sharp vanilla, raw maple sugar and a very light touch of musk. Familiar and very sexy....

🍃 Northern Comfort- Soft fragrant florals, whiffs of cedar blended with warm milk and sweet fig. Scents commonly found in new england homes this time of year for morning celebrations.

🍃 ~ Autumn Stroll- Will have your dreaming about strolling through the forest with the warm sun rays filtering through the tree canopy of brilliant red & orange. A limited edition for the fall 2018 season.
This limited edition scent is exotic & spicy with touches of balsam, pine, oak & ozone

🍃 Bosk- A Bosk, the space between forest and grasslands, a hedgerow where plants mingle together. Our blend is a combination of ripe blackberries, sweet grasses, crab apples, oak leaves, acorns, timber with a touch of sweet musk and damp earth.

🍃 Hay Ride- This one is inspired by a favorite fall activity with the family, hay rides, sitting in an open hay cart pulled by our team of horses. Wandering through the open now fully dried cut hay bales and stopping at the forest edge for a quick cool drink of pressed cider.
a true fall blending of dried sweet hay and cider.

🍃 Sassy Woodsmen- An earth, woodsy blend with a touch of sweet berries. A seductive blending of blackberries & red raspberries, fresh rubbed garden sage then mingled with whiffs of wood smoke.

🍃 Jay Feathers- This one is inspired by a walk in the woods where a jay feather floated down to the ground and landed at my feet. I looked up and saw just the majestic trees above, a clear blue sky and feathery light clouds.
Jay Feathers- A woodsy blending of tall timber, slender spruce, green moss, tree sap and fresh air.

🍃Warm Porridge- gently cooked oats, with sweet cream topped off with a dash of cinnamon, fresh figs and amber honey

🍃 Alpen Glow - when you see it you know it. The glow atop the mountain peaks just after sunset. My favorite time of day when things begin to quiet down and its time to head back to camp after a day of hiking. This is when a warm cup of cocoa gets your ready for the night.
Naturally this blend includes rich hot cocoa made with real dark chocolate, steamed milk & vanilla blended with a touch of patchouli.

🍃 Chestnut Clove- a sassy Autumn scent, warm chestnut blending with cedar needles, spicy clove and a touch of sweet fern. This is not a floral and while I consider it a manly scent I myself have been enjoying this fresh crisp seasonal scent.

🍃 Fall Foliage- Nothing brings on the feeling of fall and winter faster than the reminder of sweet wood smoke, cinders, burning fire places, wood stoves, bon fires and the turning leaves. The summer garden is winding down but there between the falling leaves are new blooms of favorite flowers enjoying the cooler fall weather!

🍃 Red Currant Jam- Tart yet slightly sweet currants blending with sweet cane sugar, touches of honey and clove. This was inspired by a batch of current jam recently made and put into vintage jam jars for holiday gift giving.

🍃 Mr. Perfect- This one is super fun and super sexy; perfect almost? a robust blending cool citrus, fresh cedar tips, coconut shreds and dark patchouli. Inspired by a recent conversation between girls about what their partner's favorite scents are... It was interesting to be sure!

🍃 Farm House Maple Sugar- The scent of fresh boiling maple sap. The smell of the warm steam, light and delicate as you walk into the sugar house. A scent that reminds me spring and warmer weather is not far off.


~a limited edition, when its gone its gone.... but don't worry something equally exciting will be showing up soon....

! a pure essential oil blend. Check with your health care provider if you are unsure how they might react to you. Double check before use if pregnant, the very young, and the elderly.