Mason Jar Soap Dispenser: Heros Cross Vintage Jar, Foaming Soap Dispenser

$ 25.00

Add a bit of historic country charm to you kitchen or bathroom sink, the barn, shop or studio sinks with our beautiful aqua, blue-green tinted Mason jar soap dispensers. These jars are also called fruit jars and are the 1 pint size so it will hold 1 pint of liquid.

This beautiful blue-green tinted glass Mason jar soap dispenser is modeled after a much sought after (and expensive) antique jar. This jar is heavy and well made; the front has the traditional Hero’s cross and is sometimes called a “Mason’s” cross or Iron cross. It reads… Masons patent Nov 30th 1858 originally made by the Hero Fruit Jar Company. It has the traditional zinc top with a nice burnished black colored finished. It is heavy blue green glass some call aqua with an occasional bubble or ripples in the glass. To add to the historic feel the bottom of the jar is embossed with similar lettering H395 to the original much sought after jars.

The soap dispenser is made from metal not the cheap plastic pumps that are so easy to find, it should last for years, is easy to clean and has a great sturdy feel to it.

We offer these Mason jar soap dispensers in either the regular soap pump or in a foaming pump. The soap pump with dispense any liquid you might want to put into the jar from soap, lotion and even a massage oil. The foaming pumps work well with the foaming soap. Myself I like to use liquid castile soap that has been thinned a bit with water, works great here at the farm.

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